Meet Attendees at Engage 2020

Welcome to Engage 2020! 

We have an amazing group of attendees who come from a wide range of organizations and roles. 

Browse below and meet some of our attendees and then connect with them online.

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Introduce Yourself

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Meet Kate!

Kate is the Marketing and Communications Director at the Association of Texas Professional Educators in Austin, Texas.

She is excited to learn more about Gather Voices!

Sue Wojtkun
Edward Wendling
Michael Smolens
Laura Smith
Emily Sitzberger
Paul Rohde
Stacie Resnik
Joel Resnik
Linda Reese
Sarah Patterson
Tom Nugent
Diane Massey
Teri Laliberte
Chantelle Koserski
Holly Koenig
Alisa Klein
Maggie Kebler-Bullock
Darrin Hubbard
Michael Hoffman